Winners’ Gallery

I’m delighted to share with you this gallery with all our winning shots since the group began in August 2016.

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You may like to have some fun and guess what the themes were, but alternatively you can read about about each photo contests on our blog or view the photo contest albums where the themes are in the titles.

How the photo contests work

To give our members and extra challenge, on each photo walk we set a theme and run a photo contest where we invite each photo walker to submit 2 of their best photos from the walk by a given deadline (usually 1 week after the walk). An admin then adds all the submission to an album within our Facebook Group so all members can vote. This way we can conceal the identities of the photographers, making the voting fair and unbiased, plus this secrecy adds an fun element of curiosity when we reveal who the winners are a week later! You can view all the albums here.

Member Spotlight

As we’re a volunteer-lead, non-profit club, we sadly cannot offer the winner a prize. We hope we will change that in the future, but until that time comes we like to give our winners 5 minutes of fame, with a feature interview on our blog. So, if you’re curious to find out more about our members, as well as pick up a few photography hints and tips, these interviews are great to read! You can view them here.