A Textural Photo Walk Along the Isis

As it turned out, the 27th May was an even better day for a photo walk along the Isis than I thought it would be, as (unbeknown to me) it was the Oxford Inter-college rowing races that day, meaning that rowers were out in force. There was also a hive of activity along the banks, with folk cheering the rowing teams on, as well as all dog walkers, runners, and cyclists. Indeed, one might even say that there was too much going on, as you had to be careful about when and where you stopped to photograph. Luckily we all managed to come away unscathed, and there were only a few near collisions with a conflict of photography and cycling interests! 😉

Picking up all the textures

‘Texture’ was the theme for our photo contest this month, so I was really excited to see how our photo walkers would interpret this theme. And with so much going on, it made it even more challenging.

Want to see what this crowd got up to? Well you can! Our photo contest album is now up on our Facebook group. Voting closes on 10 June, so make sure to choose your favourites before then!

When’s the next photo walk?

Our next outing will be on 25 June. Full information will be posted on our walk page and announcements will also go out on our Facebook page and group, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Hope to see you soon!

All the best,



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