Multicultural Britain at its best

Since Oxford Photo Walk started last August, we’ve done pretty well to tick a lot of Oxford’s most popular landmarks and attractions off our list. We’ve explored the old meandering streets in the city centre, enjoyed some of Oxford’s most beautiful and idyllic green spaces like Port Meadow and further afield at Harcourt Arboretum, as well as seen many of the curiosities at the Natural History and Pitt Rivers museums. So this month we thought it was about time we saw a completely different part of the city… Time to explore Cowley Road!

Just a short walk from Oxford’s dreaming spires and you’ll find yourself on the mulitcultural and diverse Cowley Road, home to an eclectic mix of students, Oxford University Dons, middle class residents and ethnic minorities. Along this street you will discover a feast for the senses from the brightly coloured shop fronts to the delicious scents of spices which fills the air as you walk past open restaurant and cafe doors. Indeed, whatever cuisine you fancy, you’re sure to find it here: Spanish, Polish, Korean, Indian, Nepalese – you name it, the Cowley Road will likely have it!

So, as a photographer, what has Cowley Road got to offer?

Well, I think the best answer to that question is to join us on our photo walk on 23 April and find out for yourself! 🙂 But to give you an idea, here are a few shots to give you a flavour. Also, see if you can guess from these photos what the theme for the walk’s photo contest will be…

The contest theme will be “Colourful”. Did you guess correctly?

How can I join the photo walk?

Full information including how to register will be posted on our walk page very soon, and announcements will also be posted to our Facebook group and on Instagram. So, keep your eyes peeled for those announcements and be sure to grab a ticket as soon as they become available, as places are limited.

Hope to see you then!



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