Blavatnik School of Government Studies © Lorna R.

Oxford Goes Contemporary

If you think back to your first day in Oxford, no doubt your first impressions went something like this: lots of spires, beautiful historic and majestic buildings made of warm honey-coloured stone, winding cobbled streets, bikes, students, and hoards of tourists. And I’ll bet that intimidating and inspiring modern architecture doesn’t feature on that list!

Well, on 28th January, I invite you to join us on a walk around Jericho where the main feature will be a look around the latest addition to the neighbourhood – the imposing and award-winning Blavatnik School of Government Studies.

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You most definitely cannot miss this building, as its size, unashamedly contemporary circular design with reflective glass are in stark contrast to all the other buildings on the street. And what about the inside? Well, I’ve not been inside yet (hence why I’m particularly excited about this open day!) but if the following reviews are anything to go by, then I’m definitely intrigued to see what it’s like!

“The interior looks like an unspooled film, recalling the spiralling ramps of New York’s Guggenheim but with a pleasing irregularity and offset circular skylights. Arranged around a circular atrium, it’s a little dizzying, airy and enjoyable” – Financial Times

“[…] one of the most uplifting spaces built in Oxford in a century” – The Guardian

“Inside, the building is quite simply breathtaking. It is one of those rare moments in architecture when the spirit soars. This is a modern cathedral of learning that at the same time stimulates, soothes and excites. […] It is a truly inspirational piece of design and one so fitting for its purpose” – RIBA Judges

So, what do you think? Will you join us? I hope so! And as ever, everyone is welcome, whatever your photography experience or camera equipment.

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