Behind the Lens at Merton College

Autumn in Britain – sometimes there are those gloriously sunny days where you can’t wait to get out and make the most of that sunshine while it lasts, like on our previous photo walk around Harcourt Arboretum. Alternatively, there are those grey and chilly days where instead of heading outdoors, you’d rather stay warm and cosy indoors. Sadly, on our last photo walk around Merton College we had one of those gloomy days. But we were not deterred, and I was pleased to be joined by a well wrapped-up and cheerful band of photographers.

We had a great tour around Merton, led by one of the current students who told us all about the history of the college. We even had the chance to go inside the Mob Library which is the oldest continuously functioning academic library dating from 1373. The library is usually under lock and key, so we felt very privileged to be allowed in there.

This month, our photo walk contest theme was “Look up”, which I thought would be a great theme for the college given the number of gargoyles and grotesques around the college, as well as the splendid architecture and details in the chapel. However, given the sombre light, I think we were rather more challenged than we had anticipated.

I’m pleased to say that our photographers rose to the challenge, and you can see their best shots in the photo contest album. Our OPW crowd are currently voting on their favourite – I wonder who will win? All will be revealed here very soon, so keep your eye out for the announcement!

All the best,



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