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Oxford Photo Walk goes live! 

On the 21 August, Oxford Photo Walk hosted it’s very first photo walk. And where better to start than with a walk around Oxford’s historic and charming city centre!

What to expect…

Since this was the very first walk, I was both nervous and excited to meet those who’d registered to come along. Would they all be Oxford locals and have lived in the city for years? Would there be any international students, or people who had just moved to the city? Would they all have DSLRs, or would some be using the cameras on their smart phones? Well, I was delighted to find that we were a very international bunch, some new to Oxford, some who’d lived in the city for years, with varying levels of photography experience and a wide variety of camera equipment. Oh, and not forgetting our small hairy friend too! 😉

Our Route

So, where did we go? Well, we started off at the North Lodge at the University Parks, and then took a meandering route through the city centre, taking in the neo-gothic spendour of the Natural History Museum, the colourful houses along Holywell Street and the iconic Radcliffe Camera, before ending our walk at the Handle Bar Kitchen for a well-deserved coffee, a delicious slice of cake, and some good conversation.

And I’m pleased to say that the weather did not disappoint! Although white cloud was forecast all afternoon, we were blessed with glorious sunshine! What more could you ask for? Much fun was had by all!

Our Photos

From this walk, you’d most likely expect to see photos of colleges, spires, gargoyles, charming street scenes etc. But to keep things interesting, I gave the group the optional challenge – to look for ways of incorporating bikes into their photos. Not a hard challenge, granted, as there are bikes everywhere in Oxford!

If you’ve joined our Facebook Group, then you’ll see that some people have shared a selection of their photos from the walk already. It’s great to see the variety and to see how creative people have been with the theme.

The best is yet to come…

Watch out on Sunday 28 August where I’ll be revealing (in our Facebook Group) the best/favourite bike shots taken by the group when they go head to head in our photo walk contest. We invite everyone to vote, so please take a look. I wonder which will be your favourite shot?

Finally, just to say a BIG thank you to everyone who came along and took part. It was great meeting you all, and I hope to see you on another photo walk soon!



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