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Grab your camera and join us!

Save the date

We’re excited to announce that our very first Oxford Photo Walk will take place on 21 August 2016, starting at 2pm, where we’ll take you on a historic wander through Oxford’s city centre. We’d be lonely without you, so we hope you’ll join us! And the best bit? Tickets are FREE for this event. 🙂

Full information about how to register and where we’ll meet etc will be posted here soon. But so that you don’t miss the photo walk registration announcement, make sure you join our Facebook Group, and turn on notifications.

About the Walk

If you think back to your first impressions of Oxford city centre, it probably went something like this… spires, narrow winding lanes, gargoyles, grotesques, college doors at every turn, students, hoards of tourists, colourful shop fronts, and watching out that you don’t get run over by bikes coming at you from every direction!

As an Oxford local, you probably spend a lot of time dashing about from A to B, dodging the crowds, and maybe barely give the beautiful old streets a second thought anymore. (Or is that just me?!) On this photo walk, we challenge you to slow down and look around you, see the city centre with fresh eyes, seek out the charm and character, and pick out the details which make this city so special to you.  Who knows, maybe you’ll even see something you’ve never seen before?

Where not to leave your bike, OxfordThink Bike.

Do you fancy a challenge? If ‘just’ taking photos of Oxford’s city centre isn’t enough for you, then we hope we can tempt you to take part in our walk photo contest

During this walk, we’d like you to specifically look for ways you can incorporate bikes into your photos, which shouldn’t be hard, as there are bikes everywhere! (In fact, it would probably be harder if the challenge was to take a photo without a bike in it!)

We encourage you to be as creative as you like – we’d love to see everything from macro shots of bike chains to panning shots showing bikes on the move.

Here are some articles to get you thinking:

  • 25 Amazing Images of Bicycles – I was blown away by this photo selection. Some are quite quirky, while others leave you thinking ‘how did they do that?!’
  • Cycling Photography Tips – If you’ve got a DSLR (or a camera where you can control your settings) then this article gives a lot of helpful advice on which settings to use when you’re looking to achieve a certain effect.

If you’ve any other tips, then please do feel free to share them on our Facebook Group page.

Join us!

We really hope you’ll come along, and help to make our first photo walk a roaring success! So, keep your eyes peeled for the walk registration announcement, and be ready to grab your FREE ticket!

Photo Credit: Lorna R.


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